Seletronic List Tool is an exclusive tool for those who work with websites and blogs. The tool helps in creating and organizing lists, which can be lists of words, terms, keywords, emojis and other characters. The tool allows you to create lists using texts, where each line break or comma forms a new item in the list.

The aim of the tool is to facilitate work with websites, where website and blog creators need to constantly create lists. And to make work even easier when creating an HTML list, in the Special copy function the tool allows the words in the list to be used to create HTML tags.

How to use the list creation tool

Starting to create a list in the tool is very simple. Just follow the steps below:

  • In the first text entry box, enter words or terms separated by commas or line breaks.
  • Click Add to list to create text items. according to the content entered in the first box.
  • Automatically the items will be cleaned and converted into an adjustable list, in another text area separated by commas.

Editando itens únicos da lista

Depois de inserir itens na lista, você pode facilmente editar cada item separadamente, ou executar ações que afetam todos os itens.

Editing Single Item Manually

You can edit an item manually:

  • To edit a single item in the list, simply click on it.
  • The information contained in this item will be copied to the insertion field Edit/Add item.
  • Edit the content of this item and click OK to modify the original item, or New to create a new one.
  • item from the chosen item.

Editing single item using buttons

It is also possible to use buttons to make specific modifications to an item in the list:

  • To edit a single item in the list, simply click on it.
  • The information contained in this item will be copied to the insertion field Edit/Add item.
  • Click on one of the buttons below the insertion field to make all the content of this item uppercase, lowercase or just the first letter capitalized.

Organizing and editing multiple list items

The tool has several options for general organization of the created list. See below how to use these options.

Arranging all items alphabetically or numerically

The tool allows you to organize the items in the created list in descending or ascending alphabetical order, and the same goes for numbers. After creating your list:

  • Click Alphabetical order with up arrow to sort the list in descending order.
  • Click Alphabetical order with down arrow to organize the list in descending order.
  • This function first works on numbers and then on the alphabet.

Working with upper and lower case letters

You can affect all list items at once by making all list items uppercase or lowercase, or with only the first letter of the items capitalized.

  • Click All lowercase to make all letters of all items lowercase
  • Click All uppercase to make all letters the letters of all items in capital letters
  • Click on All capital letters to make all items with the first letter capitalized and the others lowercase.

Replacing list items

In addition to being able to edit each item manually as explained above, it is also possible to affect all items at once through mass replacement.

  • Click Replace to open the Bulk Replace
  • Under New Name write the new name that you want to replace the occurrences in your list
  • In Old name, write what you want to replace in your entire list
  • You can select the check box Sensitive case, to differentiate between upper and lower case
  • Then simply click on Execute, to perform the mass replacement of all occurrences on all items in the list.